Modular Wine Glass Holder

Introducing our latest addition to the Bariboo family: the Wave wine glass holder. Our under-the-shelf wine glass holder is modular, allowing you to customize the number of wall-mounted slots to fit your kitchen perfectly. You can install as few as one slot or as many as your shelf allows.


Material : Plastic

Size: 1.7"D x 18.1"W x 9"H

Detachable, Lightweight, Expandable, Washable, Rust Resistant

Effortless Elegance: Elevate your kitchen organization with a touch of sophistication. Showcase your stemware while keeping them dust-free using our under-cabinet shelf solution.

Maximize Space: Opt for wall-mounting to free up valuable counter space. Each of the four slots in the 18.7 x 8.9 x 1.7 inch holder can accommodate 2-3 glasses, optimizing space usage.

Durable Protection Safeguard your delicate stemware with our sturdy wine glass shelf. Crafted from lightweight plastic, it prevents glass slippage, falls, and corrosion, without the risk of rust that metal shelves may develop.

Custom Fit : Personalize the wall-mounted slots to match your kitchen dimensions, sealing each end with the stand's matching end pieces.

Subtle Style, Striking Impact: Infuse your living space with sophistication with our wine rack featuring integrated glass holders. This artful piece not only adds a touch of luxury but also displays your stemware with finesse. At Bariboo, we're committed to enhancing homes worldwide for those who appreciate accessible extravagance.

Wine Glass Storage Case - BaribooWine Glass Storage Case - BaribooWine Glass Storage Case - BaribooWine Glass Storage Case - Bariboo


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